Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Mini-Concert at Hyeonseo School

I miss music…I miss playing the flute, performing in orchestras...and almost passing out from hours of practicing…


It was going to be a regular school day at Hyeonseo Middle-High. I was eagerly looking forward to teaching my kiddies, but was caught by surprise when my co-teacher, Ms. Lee, pushed back my fourth class by an hour. The next bit of news I was told had me tingling in my toes…

Members from the Gyeongbuk Provincial Symphony Orchestra were going to perform a mini-concert at Hyeonseo School, to give the students some exposure to music played by professionals.

First came the performers of wind instruments. I melted with the sound of the French Horn, was stunned with the melodies of the ebony clarinet, and was mesmerized by the slinky oboe, but most of all, I wanted to grab the flute out of the flautist’s hand and join them in their performance. I longed to touch that flute…any flute… I missed playing in orchestras and performing concertos. I even missed the long hours practicing for them. As I watched the concert, I was a little jealous, but as I listened to the following performances, I relaxed and just took in what I needed the most – critical as I am when it comes to music, this unexpected concert was a dose of good medicine that I needed to cure my ailing desire to play.

- Jess

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