Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Are You Korean??

Korean elementary school students are SO adorable. I can’t help but say “Aww” when I see them riding their bicycles, some with springy pigtails, and others with bouncing mushroom cuts.


Today, I was walking back home from the bus stop, and there were two little girls coming towards me, one slowly riding her bike, and the other, jogging and panting beside her. “AWWW!” I thought, and I smiled at them and they both said “An nyeong hasaeyo!”

I replied, “Hello!” and kept on walking.

As I continued on my way back home, I heard them whisper loudly and confusingly…

“Oh…she must be the middle-high school teacher…”

“I thought she was Korean… “

“But she can’t be Korean…she speaks English!”

“Do you think she’s friends with Casey (the Andeok elementary school teacher)?”

“Oh, why didn’t we say ‘hello’?”

“Maybe we should say  ‘hello’ to her again. ”

“I’m too scared!”

As soon as I heard that, I turned my head while walking, gave them a smile, and waved my hand.

After shedding the surprised looks on their faces, they giggled as they rode and walked away.

Oh, the minds of Korean kiddies… :).

- Jess

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