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Welcome to KenandJess2go! To our friends, family, and anyone else who loves adventure and to travel - this blog is for you.

Emerging from Canada’s womb, we have had our share of adventures. Each of us has jumped from one country to the next, both having a drive for delving into life’s fortune and spontaneity.

We met at McGill University in Montreal, Canada – Ken, an Anatomy and Cell Biology Major, and Jess, a Neuroscience Major. We developed a friendship through blood, guts and gore on the McGill First Aid Service, and happily came together in our last undergraduate year.

As McGill BSc. Graduates, we decided to do what McGill graduates should do – take a well-deserved break.

We decided to teach in South Korea for two main reasons: we were both highly interested in learning about Korean food, language and history, and of course, its central location is perfect for further exploration of Southeast Asia.

We lived in Andeok, a small village (pop: 200) on the eastern side of the country directly in between the major cities of Andong and Pohang. Don’t bother looking for it on a map, you won’t find it…

After the completion of our teaching contracts, we decided to take the long way back home... 112 days of trekking through Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Egypt, Tanzania, Uganda, and Kenya.

We left Canada on Aug 19th 2009, and returned home 492 days later on Dec 23rd 2010.

We hope you enjoyed following our blog as we chronicled the ups and downs of our adventures.

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