Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Tutoring Job Offers

Finding work as an English teacher here in Korea couldn’t be easier. Jess and I decided to go through a recruiting agency (they made our transition into this country MUCH easier), but for those interested in finding private employment, job openings are everywhere. Our contracts clearly state that we’re not allowed to accept any additional work, but in the two months I’ve been here, I alone have had three separate (very high paying) job offers as an English tutor. The offers have been tempting, but I’ve always refused them for one very important reason; Jess and I are not here for the money. We’re here for the culture. We’re here for the experience. We’re here for the adventure. It’s not worth the risk of having our Visas revoked. But for any of you readers out there considering a year abroad, Korea’s definitely the place to be...

- Ken

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