Wednesday, 4 November 2009

No White Vinegar

Korea apparently doesn’t have white vinegar. A few days ago, after finishing classes at Hyeonseo Middle High, I was propelled to buy some white vinegar to combat any mold problems that could arise in the bathroom at home. I did some good ol’ internet research and found that distilled white vinegar was the best to use.

Unfortunately, at both of the large markets in Hyeonseo, the employees drew a blank after bring asked about white vinegar. Apparently, the only three types of vinegar that exist around here are apple cider, rice, and persimmon vinegar. Great. I’m sure they contain some nice sugars and starches to feed hungry mold spores.

Even when asking the Andeok teachers about it, they had never heard about white vinegar, either.

I figured it was a safer method than using hazardous bleach, but oh well…I guess it will have to suffice…maybe I can make a multimillion dollar business on white distilled vinegar over here in Korea.

- Jess

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