Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Haircuts for the Boys at Andeok Middle High…

Yesterday, I was in the Andeok School English Lab, when all of a sudden, two boys and two girls sped into the room. They stared out of the classroom window and laughed at what they saw below.

I curiously walked over to them and noticed that there was a group of about 30 boys standing in front of the school’s main doors.

I asked the giggling students beside me why the boys were standing and waiting outside.

After one caught her breath, she replied. “Hair too long. Need to cut short.”

Too long? I learned from Young-hee later on that there was a teacher in charge of the students’ well-being at the school. Thinking that many of the boys’ moptops had grown too long, he decided that all of them needed to have haircuts. Long, stylish hairdos (a fad throughout Korea) weren’t going to cut it under his watch...

Fortunately for the students, not one glossy hair was touched on those boys’ heads.

At the beginning of my Grade 1 High School class, I asked all of the boys how they felt about the situation. One of them shouted, “We want freedom!”

I suspected a rebellion in the making.

Today, however, was a different story. This morning, as the sliding door of the teacher’s lounge kept opening and closing, I spotted plenty of unhappy boys with their locks of hair cut, right up above their adolescent ears. The rebellion crumbled.

- Jess

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