Saturday, 3 July 2010

The Bat

My co-teacher and I were walking out of the cafeteria at Hyeonseo High School, when she noticed a fuzzy blob clinging to the mesh screen of the sliding door. In all honesty, the little mass of fur looked like a headless mouse, incomplete with a lack of appendages and a tail.

The cafeteria ladies quickly came over to see the reason for why we were staring blankly at the mesh screen. One of them happened to have a fly swatter on her, so she poked and prodded at the little grayish ball…

It sprouted some wings.

All four of the cafeteria ladies jumped back and screamed. All I could say was, “Aww…” The little blob was a tiny little bat, apparently unable to fly (what I deduced from the incessant prodding and lack of flight). My co-teacher swiftly took the fly swatter, unstuck the tiny creature, and quickly placed it into a bush in front of the cafeteria. We decided it was best to leave it there since lunch time was in ten minutes and we weren’t going to subject the teeny guy to the mercy of one hundred hungry high school and middle school students.

(Sigh)…I wanted to keep it…

- Jess

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  1. Isn't keeping Ken as a pet time-consuming enough? Jess- you have a heart of gold.