Tuesday, 6 April 2010


There are some days when I’m pretty darn close to going insane. There are some times when I want ten minutes to breathe and not have teachers swarming me, left and right, asking me questions about almost nothing at all. Although I do like to encourage all of them in speaking English, every second now has become an opportune moment for them to get a chance to talk about their day.

There are some moments when I want to slow down and actually be able to chew my lunch. I like spicy foods, there is Korean food in Canada and I can use chopsticks like a master, but for some teachers, that hasn’t sunk in yet…even after the hundredth time, they still go on to say, “Too spicy?” They still marvel at my technique and stare while I eat. Never mind that I’m as clumsy as a fool while eating at home, and I fear everyday that I’ll accidently fling a piece of kimchi onto my co-teacher’s lap. Ask Ken…I’m really that clumsy.

There are those few times where I catch some teachers talking behind my back in Korean…Why can’t they just talk to me?? It’s always, ‘I think Jessica can do this’…or…’No, she doesn’t want to do that’. I’d sure like to be a part of the conversation when I’m the main topic!

Thank-goodness for my students. 98% of them are absolute darlings…ready to soak up the lesson of the day, and they – believe it or not – keep me sane on these kinds of days.

- Jess

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