Monday, 5 April 2010

Farming Land Behind Andeok Middle and High School

Two weeks ago, my Principal at Andeok School tacitly slinked his way into the teachers lounge and suddenly, without any notice, poked his head in between my computer, and my face. Thank-goodness I’m now used to his soundless entrances. Sometimes my eyes widen and bulge from his surprises, but I now only scream in my head.

That day, he was trying to ask me if Ken and I could farm some land behind the school. He said that we should think about it, and when I asked him what would happen to the crops, he said, “Just think about it...”

Ken and I agreed to do it…although I have my suspicions. I don’t want to find my tender cherry tomatoes handpicked one morning and see the Principal, out in the market the next day, making a lovely profit out of them…

With all the teachers working hard behind the school, the Principal could do very well selling vegetables at the Andeok market :).

- Jess

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