Thursday, 8 April 2010

Bird in Hyeondong Middle School

Just minutes before my Grade 8 lesson was about to begin, I heard some commotion at the end of my classroom.

One of my Grade 8 students had caught a bird and brought it into class. He was delicately, but firmly cupping it in his hands and the other students were hesitantly petting it on its frightened little head. Suddenly the bird began to fiercely peck at the student’s hand and that’s when he decided to let it go…in the classroom.

The following two minutes were filled with a whirlwind of screams from the girls and students running amuck all over the classroom. I ran towards the sliding doors, just in time to shut them before the bird could enter the hallway. The boys were frantically trying to catch the bird, flitting about all over the ceiling, and the girls were shouting and covering their heads for fear that the tiny brown birdie would poop on their heads.

The student finally caught it again (I don’t know how he was so swift) and the rest of the students were swarming him, taking photos with their cell phones and probably giving the bird a major panic attack. I tried to take a photo with my camera, but the unwelcoming “Change Battery Pack” notification popped up on my screen.

I ordered the student to release the bird out the window, so I could get my lesson going.

Let’s just say that it took me a few minutes to get my frazzled students back into a calm, sensible state of mind.

As if this semester couldn’t get any more random…

- Jess

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