Wednesday, 7 April 2010

April Fool’s Day at Hyeondong School

A few days ago, I was completely unprepared for the special event that happens every year and is celebrated by the young and old. Thank goodness my students didn’t take that day seriously.


It was right before second period. I was about to have my Grade 8 class and was preparing my lessons for the day. A few minutes later, one of my Grade 7 students came running into the room with a huge grin spread from cheek to cheek. He said, breathlessly, “Teacher…umm…” He was trying to search for the right words in his head.

“…Do you know this day?...”

I shook my head. I thought this was going to be another special day, like Pepero day (when people give each other chocolate sticks because they look like 11/11, depicting November 11th). However this time, I couldn’t stretch my imagination that far.

His face was scrunching up. He continued, “Lie…”

“Lie?” I asked, “You told a lie?”

“No, no, teacher…not me... It is…Lie…Day! Lie Day! Lie Day!”

My numb brain suddenly clicked and I realized that today was the dreaded ‘April Fool’s Day’. Oh no. I was the one most vulnerable to a prank attack. A teacher with 65 rambunctious energetic teenagers? I was a sitting duck. Were my students going to undo me this day? They had the entire morning and afternoon to do so. Why not?

I bless the heavens for having 65 angelic students at Hyeondong School. I didn’t receive one prank the entire day, although I still heard some shrill screams and mocking laughs outside my classroom window. The students must’ve turned on each other.

The next day, however, at Hyeonseo High School, I heard some interesting stories…drawings all over the white boards, entire classrooms of chairs gone missing, students mysteriously falling into deep slumbers during lessons…

I guess some students take that day a lot more seriously than others. Thank-goodness I wasn’t around to experience it…although it would’ve been nice to witness :).

- Jess

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