Friday, 8 January 2010

My First Week of “English Camp”

My first week of “English camp” is now complete. Since it was cancelled, my daily routine consisted of the following:

-          Wake up

-          Eat

-          Shower

-          Eat again

-          Play “Battlefield 1942”

-          Watch “Family Guy”

-          Eat again

-          Nap

-          Watch “Mythbusters”

-          Pick my nose

-          Quickly do the dishes, make the bed, and spread my lesson plans all over the table before Jess got home from her camp to make it seem like I had a productive day.

I love my job.

- Ken


  1. Looks like we've been having similar days Ken, although I generally do step 1, then start my way backward from step 10 and when it's about a half hour before I have to go pick Amanda up I do the last step.

  2. That sounds more like retirement.