Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Hyeonseo School Newspaper

Today, I was heading out the back doors of Hyeonseo School, when I heard a little giggle behind me. I stopped and slowly turned around. There was no one there. I thought nothing of it and continued across the parking lot.

Then I heard some shuffling. Not the shuffling-in-the-bush kind of noise, but the sound of shoes, brushing against the pavement.

I turned myself around, again.


I wasn’t scared. I was on school grounds for goodness sake.

I continued walking. There was more shuffling and giggling, and it was getting closer…

Two dark shadows inched up beside mine.

I looked left and right. The shadows belonged to my Grade 2 Middle School students. Shyly, they stretched themselves from hunched positions, while one held onto a large piece of torn paper.

“Here, teacher,” one said. “Do you have time?”

“Of course,” I said. “What do you need?” I was always willing to help out my students.

Their response was, “Oh!!! (giggle, giggle, giggle). Thank-you teacher, thank-you!”

The sheet of white paper was then held out in front of me, crumpled by the nervous grip the student’s hand had made.

On the sheet was a set of five questions, the first being, ‘What is your most favourite thing about Korea?’ and my answer being, ‘I absolutely love the food. All I do is eat, eat, teach, and eat some more, everyday.’

The last question undoubtedly had to be asked, ‘What is your favourite thing about Hyeonseo?’ I automatically wrote down, ‘The students of course! I love their energy and how much they participate in class!’ It’s true. These students really know how to keep a teacher attentive in class :).

After I completed their interview questionnaire, I received many thanks and more giggles from my students. As I headed to the bus station, they shuffled back into the school.

- Jess

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