Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Pepero (“BbehBbehro”) Day in Korea

I’ll have to work these chocolate-covered wafers off tonight, the next night, and the night after that


Although today is Remembrance Day in Canada, in Korea it is Peppero Day (Bbehbbehro Day). This day is another one of those little significant days, which tends to brighten everyone’s mood. Bbehbbehro Day is meant to signify the giving of chocolate-covered, wafer-like sticks, resembling the 11-11 represented by November 11th.

Today, in Andeok School, all of the teachers got boxes of these chocolate sticks put on their desks from the school’s head of administration. There was even one teacher, who got a 50-pack of these boxes of Lotte chocolate-sticks, stacked in the shape of a heart, fixed around containers of Ferro Rocher chocolates.

While I was working in the English lab, three of my bright, Grade 9 students anxiously came into the classroom and gave me three boxes of Bbehbbehro sticks – my second dose of snacks for the day. When I thanked them and asked what they were for, they said happily, “Bbehbbehro Day…mahn-nie chocolate (a lot of chocolate)!”

I laughed, and as the bell rang, they scurried away like cutesy mice.

In each of my other classes, I received more Pepero boxes and handmade chocolate-covered sticks from my students (in white and dark chocolate, dusted lightly with pink and red sprinkles…mmm…). I wish I had known about this day in advance. It would have given me an excuse to bake something extra delectable for my students

The more snacks, the merrier. That’s the way I see it. Unfortunately, the Principal snagged some of my boxes from my desk while I was teaching (the teachers tattled on him).

What a great day.

- Jess

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