Wednesday, 30 September 2009

The Mystery English Teacher Is Revealed!

Two weeks ago, I found out that Gucheon Elementary School has a foreign English Teacher (like ME!) who comes in on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s (I teach Wednesday’s and Friday’s at the middle school next door) every week. A week later, I had an encounter with an overly-excited bus driver who seemed obsessed with getting me to meet a guy named “David.” Well, I guess I should’ve put two and two together earlier, but… are you ready for this?... The mystery teacher IS David!

Ok, now that I know who it is, the identity of the mystery teacher seems pretty obvious, but when I found out it felt like a huge light bulb going on in my head. So what did I do with my new information? Well, I wasted no time. I stealthily infiltrated the elementary school…

During my afternoon break, I tip-toed over to the front doors of the elementary school and let myself in. The kids always leave at 3:15PM, so the place was deserted. I snuck through the hallways, found David’s English classroom, and broke in (ok the door was already open, but it sounds cooler if I say that I broke in). I stole his whiteboard marker (ok, I borrowed it for a minute), vandalized his board (I wrote, “Hey David! Send me an e-mail sometime. I’d love to meet up!”), and concluded my shenanigans with some graffiti (my e-mail address). Afterwards, I ran back to my school (and stopped along the way to have a chat and a coffee with one of the elementary school teachers), and resumed my lesson plans as if nothing happened.

Boy, am I good.

- Ken

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  1. OOH! This is good. Can't wait to hear his reaction!