Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Kuncussion Kid

My walks home from the bus stop never cease to amuse me.

Today, I almost killed a kid.

I was walking down the main street towards home when I spotted a kid on a bike speeding towards me. When he was about twenty feet away, I gave him a quick bow and a “hello!” His eyes immediately sprung open wide, and he violently shot his head down with an unnecessarily powerful bow. He smashed his forehead on the little bell between his handlebars, producing an odd yet somewhat amusing synchronized “WAAAABAM” and “DING” sound. He swerved violently left and right in series of fiercely uncontrolled movements, and jetted towards the open doorway of a shop. At the last second, he swerved back onto the road, and with tears in his eyes, sped past me. I turned to watch him bike away, and he yelled out, “I’m fine thank you and you!”

That’s the last time I’ll ever bow to a kid on a bike.

- Ken


  1. Christine(Jess's mom)19 October 2009 at 07:17

    I hope he's okay... I think that he never forget the incident with you and the sentence in English he'd spoken to you... that's your power makes children in school can speak in any situation right back to foreigner... wonderful work

  2. Poor little boy! I'm glad that he was OK...

  3. That's funny. You seem to have bad luck with kids on bikes. I still think of the little kid you scared with your scooter here in Gatineau.