Monday, 28 September 2009

Froggie in the House

This morning, I finished my shower and came out of the bathroom…only to see Ken standing frozen in the kitchen, with a pink dishcloth in his hand. I couldn’t decipher his looks of horror, wonder, curiosity, and confusion, so I asked, “Ken, what is it?”

He only pointed at wall across from himself – so I took a look. What I saw melted my heart. A little green frog (the most perfect frog you could ever see) was struggling to get up our living room wall, in a manner of such spirit…jumping and sticking for a moment, then falling onto its back…then jumping and sticking for a moment……then falling onto its back. How did it get into our humble abode? The frog was so cute, our concern that there was a massive hole somewhere in our house, vanished. I couldn’t help but blind the frog with twenty camera shots and follow its sporadic hopping for three minutes (for a video). A perfect little frog…desperately and hopelessly trying to escape our perfect little house.

- Jess

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