Wednesday, 23 September 2009

David, Are You Out There?

The Gucheon bus pulled up five minutes early today. I got on (it was completely empty as usual), sat down, and waited. I looked up, and the bus driver was staring at me in his rear-view mirror with a huge smile on his face. I probably should’ve been a little creeped out, but I was too tired to care so I resumed by gaze out the window at the empty bus stop. Out of nowhere, he jumped to his feet, sprung over to my seat (ok, now I was creeped out) and began stammering broken English, “YOU! English teacher? Yes? English. Um. Korean. No. Um. DAVID! YES DAVID! You know?”

I assumed he had met another English teacher named David, so I told him that I didn’t know any David’s in our area.

He continued, “David. Yes! David. Me. David. SOJU! Juwangsan. Me. David. You. Uh. David. Me. Soju YES???”

“Yes, yes, me, you, David, soju, Mount Juwangsan” I replied.

He laughed, nodded repeatedly, and returned to his seat.

We drove off towards Gucheon together, and every 30 seconds or so he’d burst into laughter and say, “Yes! Oh, um. Friend? David! Yes. You! Juwangsan! Hahahahahaha! Soju yes? Hahahahahaha! You very handsome!” 

David, if you’re out there somewhere, apparently you had some soju with a guy at Mount Juwangsan and he really wants us to go out and drink together.

Call me.

- Ken

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  1. Christine(Jess' Mom)23 October 2009 at 16:27

    what if the whole world speaks one languge? it's going to be better for all or have more problems in lives... I don't know... it's hard to have a good relationship with broken communication, nevertheless we open our hearts, isn't it?