Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Preparing for the Flight

BE PREPARED. An adventure awaits in the dynamic land of Korea…


One thing I should’ve considered when packing my bags – an airline restriction of 23 kg/bag was much, much more weight than I ever needed, even for a year’s worth of living in Korea. Ken and I purchased airline tote bags for our packsacks that were the exact dimensions for the flight and we were able to fill each bag to its fullest (actualizing the size – each bag was large enough to fit a grown man). Only taking into consideration the weight restriction meant that we could stuff our bags with as much junk food, toys and deodorant as possible (apparently deodorant isn’t very common in many parts of Korea). Being the pack-junkie that I am, I made sure to stock various supplies to last a couple months in a new country – plenty of Canadian souvenirs and good ol’ Canadian maple syrup (a sticky-sweet reminder of home).

Luckily enough, I did remember some essential supplies to provide me with a more presentable outlook for the first couple of months abroad (also on the off-chance that Ken and I would be stranded in Bejing in between connecting flights…or something like that). The supplies kept dear to my heart: Colgate toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, shampoo, mending supplies, and so much more. I was sure that it would come in handy sooner or later.


As we passed through Ottawa International Airport’s security gate, the officers were sure to open up Ken’s backpack, which was stuffed tightly with his dress shoes, rolled-up belt, rolled-up dress clothes, baggie of liquids in small containers and finally, a massive, solid external hard drive, which could outlast any nuclear explosion. I guess that my 4-litre baggie of gummy frogs stuffed and squished into my backpack’s front pocket didn’t look suspicious at all.

[21-hours on a plane with Ken…]

On the plane, the backtrack from Ottawa back to Toronto was pleasant…I had just heaved my 100 lbs of luggage onto a bus ride from St. Catharines to Toronto to Ottawa – 2 days beforehand. The very first flight was the one that got my attention and Ken’s as well. In front of each of the seats (Air Canada Airlines) was a small screen with access to plenty of movies, television shows, music and the news. Ken quickly sorted through the movies to watch, sighing that there wasn’t enough time to watch even one. Patience…just 19 ½ more hours to go :)

The connecting flight from Toronto to Bejing was the one that REALLY got our attention. We must’ve had at least 5 family meals and about 10 snacks throughout the entire flight (ah snacks, Ken must’ve been in heaven). I, on the other hand, had never felt so exhausted from eating so much!

Apart from the distasteful videos Ken took of his finger up my nose while I was sleeping (and I will lovingly pay him back for all THREE of them), the flight was quite peaceful, as we flew almost effortlessly between the unspeakably beautiful layers of brilliantly illuminated clouds. It felt like we were chasing the sun around the world as we were taking flight to Bejing. Little did we know, flying nearer and nearer, the delightful escapade that would unravel itself before us…

- Jess


  1. Hi Ken and Jess, really liked what you posted. Your video clips where nice to watch. Thanks for sharing them with us, hope there will be more, be safe and happy Love Moe xxx

  2. Excellent blog and movies!!!! I really, really enjoyed it all!! Oooooooooooo!!! You're soooooooo bad!!! You two are getting my feet itchy for travel. I'm thinking you should entertain the idea of joining the Lonely Planet global travelers for a stint! Have an amazing time! Can't wait for the next installment!!! Uncle Buck

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